Same Page - Lily Velden Jaxon sees Liam at the exhibit of Liam's art and not only is Jaxon very taken with the art, he falls head over heels in lust, longing and yearning for Liam.Liam though, only sees him as a shallow spoiled actor who wants him only for his looks and gives him the cold shoulder, leaving him standing there alone.Those few minutes with Liam change Jaxon completely. He flies back to the US, but constantly thinks of Liam and literally becomes obsessed with him. He starts questioning his sexuality and his sanity, since Liam is all he can think about and dream about. Thoughts and fantasies of Liam are pretty much all he has.He anonymously sets up scholarships and charities that benefit artists and orphans because Liam is both of those things. Now at first I was wondering about being so smitten and taken with someone you have only exchanged a few words with, and not friendly words at that. But then I thought about it and decided, yes, that can happen, I have a few songs on my playlist that are about just that happening to people. And I guess it's also that romantic notion of meeting someone that is *THE ONE* for you. The story is told from alternating points of view in alternating chapters. I have to say the first 20% or so took me a while to get through, they dealt mostly with Jaxon's longing and fascination with Liam, but no interaction between the two main characters. He doesn't really get why he can't forget Liam or move on. He has a real need to be with him and even makes sure his new movie will be filmed in Australia, so he can at least try and form a friendship with this man that has taken over his thoughts.Liam lost his parent in a car accident as a teen, his first lover was a cheating asshat and his second wasn't much better. Now he sticks to occasional hook-ups and stays to himself, his art and his dog Duchess. So it's fair to say he has trust issues, but he also finds himself thinking of Jaxon more often than he'd like, and with a nudge from his friend and father figure Garrett, he realizes that he might have judged Jaxon a little harshly.With Jaxon back in Australia he can finally set his plan of being part of Liam's life into action.Liam and Duchess welcome Jaxon into their home and lives and they form a friendship, that both of the men enjoy and come to depend.They spend all their free time together and slowly they each develop even deeper feelings. It's not all smooth sailing however, there is some drama and a lot of strong emotions from both men. I enjoyed the story once the men were together on page, their feelings for each other are very deep. Jaxon takes to loving another man like a fish to water, or at least to loving Liam.I also felt the men changed over the course of the story, where Jaxon was unsure and insecure in the beginning with regards to how and where he fits in Liam's life and how Liam feels for him and his jealousy towards other men that have been in Liam's life. He becomes more sure of himself and his feelings throughout the story. Where as towards the end of the book that seems to reverse and the once steady and confident Liam becomes more dependent on Jaxon and his insecurities rise to the forefront. There is a lot of romance, they woo, seduce and court each other, which was fun to read about and the smexing was hot and frequent. This is truly one of those stories that I would put in the 'fated to be together and love each other' category. They are both overwhelmed and passionate about their love.I had one or two issues, Jaxon has a habit of naming things, for example his penis.He calls him 'buddy' and buddy is on page a lot, Jaxon has conversations with him, and although it was humorous the first time or two, it got old for me quickly, and I ended up counting roughly 100 mentions of 'buddy', he also names Liam's penis and Liam's rear end. Had those been cut down or out I would have enjoyed it much more, as it was I kept waiting with dread for the next mention of buddy. This is the first in the series and there are some open questions, how will their relationship affect Jaxon's career? How will the publicity shy Liam deal with having such a well known lover? They live on different continents among other things, but one thing I am sure of at the end of this one, is that these two will fight tooth and nail for their relationship.