Imaginary - Jamie Sullivan Wow, where to start, I guess I have to say I was sad for a lot of this book, and angry, angry at what Aaron had to endure. An imperfect foster system, the neglectful and useless 'parents' he was placed with ( I use that term very loosely), his loneliness and fear of being thrown away, forced to leave his home and therefor James, but it's the threat his foster parents use, a very real fear he lives with for so for years. At age 5 a very lonely, neglected and unhappy Aaron meets another little boy, James, sitting on a fence. No one else can see or hear James, and Aaron has to endure a lot of ridicule until he realizes he can't let anyone know that he does see James.For the next ten years they are each others everything, playmate, friend, confidant and first love. Despite the sadness I felt at the injustice of Aaron's situation and poor James's half life, all alone except for Aaron, no one else to see him or talk to him or care for him. His despair when Aaron doesn't want him around or when he is with his other friends, his frustration at knowing he is real, even if no one else in the world besides Aaron can see him. The twist wasn't hard to figure out or very shocking but I was sad at the time 'after' the big reveal, I just couldn't believe it. I really wished that time had been different and happier for both of them, but the happy ending was still satisfying. Aaron finally gets the family and home he so desperately wanted and deserved and James does too.One of my favorite quotes was when Aaron looks at James and just knows : “His home has always been James.”I wouldn't call this a romance not even a YA one, it was more of a coming of age story, dealing with life's difficulties, of being different and that just having one special person in your life, a person who loves you, can make all the difference in the world.