Backwoods Asylum - Megan Derr I'm a fan of Ms Derr's stories, she has a way of making me care about the characters and the stories are usually very caste and cute. I also like unusual shifter stories and the only other snake shifter story I read [b:Snakeskin Boots|11775068|Snakeskin Boots (Were Menagerie, #1)|Xara X. Xanakas||16726522] I enjoyed.The world is interesting and we get a feel for the politics going on between the different fractions and of course the two young pups Skyler finds are just as much a pawn in this game as he is.Skyler calls the wolf shifter he has liked and admired since college for help and things go from there.I didn't quite get why in all the years of college and then the following Brady didn't make a move or try and get to know Sky, here two weeks after the call they are almost to the point of moving in together and raising children but up until that call Sky thought Brady hated him? I think I wanted to see more of their attraction to each other and see why they didn't get together at school, but it was still a cute short story.