Corruption - Jack  Greene I first read this one in March of 2011, but decided to do a quick reread.Tom is out with friends and as luck would have it, they end up somewhere they hadn't actually planned on, and Tom's initial annoyance changes when he sees a vision dancing so erotically and Tom is instantly taken with this dancer.Imagine his surprise when it's a him dancing and not a her .His panic subsides and as the week goes on he knows he can't get the man out of his head.This is a short story, but I liked it, Tom really accepts his attraction to Cameron quickly and relatively easily, no angst and drama there. He also shows the slightly jaded Cameron that he isn't like all the other guys, he wants more from him. Cameron expects Tom to just walk away and not look back, but walking away isn't what Tom wants at all.I would have liked more of these two..