Prize Package - Kyle Adams 4.5*This one literally had so many LOL moments, that I umm.. might have gotten funny looks. *Note to self: don't read Kyle Adams books in public* The blurb sums it up well, Jason a regular guy with a snarky funny sarcastic side, I thought he was hilarious.He wins a contest he entered, he doesn't quite remember entering, but since he enters every contest he sees, (some might call it a compulsion, I prefer to call it a habit) that isn't surprising.Winning a day with The MeatGrinder isn't exactly at the top of his to-do list, until he realizes that Meat is actually Trent, a guy he crushed on in college, but never had the guts to approach.Jason steals the show in this story, it's his head we are in and I loved it there, poor Trent is just along for the ride that is Jason. He might think wrestling was easy compared to what's in store for him now. :) They spend the day together and Trent is a very patient with Jason's lack of exuberance for all the planned events, so he adds a few unplanned events..which Jason is very thrilled with. As always I'm greedy and would love more, these guys are great, and I would love to see the 'choreographed' interview, because I'm pretty sure Jason doesn't do choreographed well and the fight he gets to attend ...oh dear, I really am a greedy girl. This is a cute, short and absolutely adorable fun story and it has a cat. Kyle writes characters that are snarky but sweet to perfection and this story is probably my favorite of his, but Ashley from [b:A Dirty Drag Collection|17903340|A Dirty Drag Collection|Kyle Adams||25081390] is a very close second.