Bolt-Hole - Amy Lane What to say about this book, that hasn't been said yet? Not much, it's pretty much all been said, but I am glad I read this story, very very glad. Terrell did everything 'right' got his education, worked his ass off, knew he wanted better things for himself, yet still finds himself working as a bartender in a deadend job. He is good to his family, even if they aren't all that good to him, and he ends up without them when he finally decides it's ok, it's ok to be himself, that he is good, and worthy and valuable and loveable.Colby, is such a good person, patient and I can very much understand why T calls him Captain America, I only wished I had a little more of a peek into his head. Why he loved Terrell so much, I mean I know he did, holy cow when he was telling T everything he did , all the shifts, the grant, it was more than clear, and he is worth the effort, I just wish I had seen more of the why, since he really did have to work to get his guy.Terrell broke my heart and then put it back together, poor baby, all his hard work, all his hopes and dreams, for what? But when he got Colby and all of Colby's positive, hopeful and big outlook on life, he finally got to LIVE! I liked that some things were just not going to change, GiGi, loved him, but she is as she is, but now, so is T.There was a mixed batch of people and characters in this story, and most of them were neither all good or bad. But a few stand out, Moira, how I love positive women in stories, and the cats? Loved em! I would love to catch up with Terrell and Colby in the future, I want to know how they are going to change the world.