Fourth and Long - Chris Scully 3.5*Eric gets a second chance, a chance not only to change the life he is leading now, but to change the one night that has haunted him and stifled his life for the last 20yrs.Eric knows that changing things that happened the night of the prom will change all things..and the ending was great, not the 'traditional' way many would have handled it.It's also a very sweet tale, just innocent kissing no sexing or jerk-off scenes, thank goodness! :)My only niggle, I would have loved to have known how 'changing the play book' altered Eric's life in the intervening time. we saw how he tried to change his relationship with his mother already, but did it get even better, does he love his job now, what is his job now, did he find a relationship in the mean time that lasted more than 2 weeks? I know he is supposed to end up with Jake, but I would have liked to have known that the last twenty years were better for him. Or..does Eric not know what happened in the last 20 years, what's changed if anything, since his last memories before he fell were of his 'old' life?