Whipped Cream - Andrew  Grey The blurb sums up this sweet novella well. Brent is a photographer and he was seriously injured years ago, that's how he met Dan and Gene from [b:Spot Me|6709860|Spot Me (Work Out, #1)|Andrew Grey|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355857856s/6709860.jpg|6905704]. He still has lingering issues from that time, but his main goal now is to get into more artistic photography and he has just the idea of how to do that. Now all he needs is the right model.Dan and Gene take him to the gym and even Lonnie makes an appearance, but it's Tristan that captures his attention. It's a simple story of two men finding each other, a dash of artistry and moving past things you have let hold you back. They have a whirlwind relationship and it is a must read for all fans of Andrew Grey.