Gumption & Gumshoes - Alex Kidwell Elle and I are going to read this one together, because really chinchilla shifters, how can you not read this? 4.45* I LOVE THIS BOOK Seriously, I had a smile on my face almost the whole time, it was just a great big squishy hug read. Love it, love it, love it.Ok, now that I've gotten a little of my squeee out I can try and tell you what I love about it.First, August, he's our MC and a chinchilla shifter , he's awkward, nerdy, klutzy and clumsy. He's also a bit overweight and is unhappy about that, or rather is maybe made to feel uncomfortable about it.But I liked that about him, he's 30 and still hasn't really settled into an 'adult' life as he calls it, he doesn't have a six-pack and can't walk without tripping over himself. He babbles when he's nervous, which he often is. He is also very funny, not that he's trying to be, but his thoughts and of course his self deprecating humor worked for me, and seriously I agree : “It took work to be as slothful as I was planning on being.”(Haha, I have a thing for sloths.) His love interest, or rather his secret crush is also his landlord, the older, grumpy but very sexy Sam.Sam is divorced and still a little bitter about the whole thing and decides he is not interested in Auggie, nope, not one bit...ok, maybe just a little bit . I mean : “Okay, fine. Crazy, grumpy landlord and the fat chinchilla man. How could that go wrong?"I loved how Sam's sweet and sappy side came out and how he made Auggie feel so much better about himself, without even trying. He thought well of him and that in turn made Auggie more self assured. Of course Sam had a hang-up or two and Auggie helped him with that too. *happy sigh* : “Okay,” I agreed softly. “I am sorry though. I just… didn’t want to bother you.”“Bother me,” he told me, without a trace of reservation. “I always want you to bother me.”Then there is Auggie's case, it was fun to watch him work on solving it and with a little help from his landlord.I would love to see more of Mendez and Ewing!! So I can heartily recommend this fuzzy happy feel good read. This is a great example of Auggie at his best when working undercover, so to speak.