Truth Or Lie - Lynn Lorenz 3.25*Travis Connor's nephew Rusty asks him to come to his ' Bring your Dad to school day ' since Rusty's father died four years ago serving in Iraq.Travis never liked school, he barely managed to graduate high school and doesn't have fond memories of his time there, he still feels less than adequate and dumb. But his nephew asked the firefighter and he is going to step up and be there for him.Little does he know that he will meet the adorable, attractive and sexy teacher Anthony Pappas during his touching talk to his nephew's classmates. Anthony has self confidence issues too, not the same one Travis has, to be sure but he's a geek and he has disappointed his father by going into teaching grade school.He has also had the added benefit or curse as the case may be, to be able to tell if someone is lying to him.He would love to meet Mr Right and that's hard to do when you can tell when they are not telling you the truth.This novella is told from both POVs which allowed me to see their insecurities and inner musings.Travis's sister Kim and his nephew Rusty play a small role as does Janie, she is Anthony's colleague and was actually more than she appeared. That was a nice surprise.No real angst or conflict and the 'gift' that Anthony has didn't really influence the story as much as I thought it would. I liked that they doubted themselves and at times each other, but still went after what they wanted. On a personal note, Travis kept calling Anthony 'teach', a lot, even in bed and that started to annoy me, but that's just me, others might not even notice. I very much liked that Anthony was able to put Travis's idea that he is not intelligent out of his head, I wished he could have been diagnosed years before, someone should have noticed, Anthony did, in one conversation. I found this to be a quick easy enjoyable read, two nice guys, each with some insecurities falling into instant lust and love soon follows. A good choice for a lighter read with some hot smexing.