Undercover Lover - Rebecca Brochu 3.5*Ok, first off, after reading it, I think the blurb is way off and makes it sound way more dramatic and angst than it is. Gentry is a young undercover cop, he is on rent-boy duty this week, we find out a little about his family and I liked him.While hanging out at his lamppost waiting to pick up a John or a Jane ( are they called that?) the owner of the club across the street, Dublin tries to get him off the street. When that doesn't work, he talks to him and brings him soup every evening.It's a fast, totally angst free short, with a HFN ending.I think I might have really really liked it if it had been longer, but as it was I didn't see enough of these guys together before or after the big reveal to really see the love ( or you know the start of it) and since it's strictly from Gentry's POV I wanted a little more of Dublin, although his altruism is very well explained and plausible.So, I wanted it longer and for some reason these two very unusual names for both MCs sort of bugged me, but that's just me.