A Shot at Forgiveness - Cardeno C. I'm going to rant a bit and be very spoilerish so read at your own risk. :)Rafi had a difficult time in school, now not learning, since he's a lawyer I'm guessing that part went well, no he was bullied and tormented all through school.Name calling, stuffed in lockers, teased..you know the usual. :( One of the guys in on making his life unpleasant was Isaac, a popular athlete, who is now a professional ball player.Ok, that's the set up, now, Isaac has been keeping tabs on Rafi all these years because he loves him, yes ladies and gentlemen, the only reason he was so ugly to Rafi was because of all these feelings Rafi brought out in Isaac.Since he didn't know what to do with them he was a bully to Rafi. Now to make him a guy we want to end up with Rafi, the book has him remembering the times that Isaac was nice and helpful to him. Yes, helped him empty the trash and picked him up when he fell, yes yes, I'm a pile of mush! ( NOT!) Add to that Isaac is a stalker, no really he is, he hangs out outside Rafi's building watching him, changes teams to move near him ( hasn't talked to Rafi yet at this point, but hey, it's love, so that's ok. ) He knows where he works, where he lives, what he likes to eat...it's creepy. He follows him into his house, and when he's asked to leave he uses the code to come back in while Rafi is in the shower...and thinks it's perfectly normal to 'steal' the code and use it at will to come and go in someone else's house..He's also jealous and domineering, I don't care that Rafi finds it hot, it's not. Rafi also didn't change his code and thinks it's all wonderful and special how much Isaac loves him and how he looks at him.I don't mind the insta-love, not at all, but Isaac and Rafi ..well on the other hand if Rafi thinks that's all appropriate and desirable behavior then he deserves Isaac, cause you know, who wants to be asked about anything, when you can just have your boyfriend tell you how it's gonna be. So, while I can see people thinking this is all mushy and sweet, and second chances...and all that.. I don't. It left me feeling icky and I'm giving it 2* because the cover is cute and the author wrote one of my all time favorites...and I'm feeling generous.