Riding the Board - Cate Ashwood 3.5*Blake wants to take a year off after his synchronized diving partner has a career ending accident.His coach has one more ace up his sleeve and makes a deal with Blake to give this new partner a week, if he still wants time off, then he will stop bugging him.Well, it figures that his new partner is Nick, Nick the prick, Blake tells us Nick is one, and Nick makes a point to show us that he really is an insensitive annoying jerk. The story is told from Blake's POV, maybe I would have enjoyed it even more if I could have seen a thought or two of Nick's, because even after the turn of events, I still sort of had a dislike of Nick.First impressions and all that, I guess. It was still a sweet short with a good enemies/rivals to lovers theme, although I also would have liked a small peek at the future, did they make it to the Olympics?