The Mountain Man's Mate (Wolves of Stone Ridge 20) - Charlie Richards

Ok, it's my own fault, really. I know what I'm getting with these stories and as a rule I like them.
It's a light, predictable fluffy read and and 'inbetween' snack kind of series.
I don't mind the mate-mine-growl, the instant love. I don't even mind the minimal to no conflict, that's ok and actually what I'm looking for in these kind of stories. BUT when the blurb leads me to believe it's going to have one kind of conflict and that's just not it at all, the 'real' conflict is a stupid misunderstanding and the 300+ year old shifter doesn't just get his shit together and clear it up? Even I lose patience. 
Then the thing with the evil scientist? YOU have got to be kidding me? THAT was it? He evades and tortured, kidnapped and inflicts great harm, murders and that was the showdown? WTF? 
And on a totally unimportant side note, I am really getting sick of these caricature-throw-away-stupid-neglectful-waste-of-space mothers authors like putting into these stories. Seriously, it was going to get 3 full stars despite my issues! because like I said! I know what I'm getting. BUT WHY does the mother always have to be either this kind of bitch of a pride flag farting one? 
Sorry, rant over.