Crest Ridge Vacation - A.L. Boyd Very sexy picture prompt for the LHNB event.Rob is a well known actor and is at his vacation home to get away from the press and lick his wounds after a bad and public break-up.There he runs into Dane, one of the tormentors of his youth. His time at military school was torture, in large part because of Dane. Dane wants to apologize..and they start a tentative friendship that turns into more.This was a great idea, unfortunately it felt too short. It skipped a lot of parts that I needed to make me feel that this was going to work. Rob has nightmares from some of the stuff Dane did to him, and all Dane has to say is "sorry, I was figuring out I was attracted to you " and Rob lets him in his life..He acts like an ass the next time he sees him and just because he knows he behaved badly and wants to change doesn't change the fact that he behaves badly. And keeps behaving badly.I was also wondering about a man so determined to stay in the closet, at least for the most part, being close to a very out and proud star who has the press interested in his life..I don't see that working well in the long term. I guess I needed more groveling on Dane's part and way more good will, I needed to have Rob tell him exactly what his behavior at school did to him. It ends on a sweet but abrupt epilogue and I think I needed a longer story to really see this one as it was meant to be seen.