Making It Happen - S.J. Eller Friends forever then lovers.Two boys who go in and out of each others families and then one of them decides to do the 'right thing' and call it quits.There is a lot to like about this short and lots of emotions.I did have a major peeve of mine in this one and one question that kept nagging at the back of my mind, but still an all around sweet story. I have MAJOR issues with hitting/slapping/punching ANYONE and especially someone you love/ed. Garrett lost his mother for heavens sake and all that Liam cares about is that he didn't call him and tell him so he punches him. Wonderful. So caring, and let's just forget Garrett lost HIS mother and is grieving, let's just punch him in the face and care about his own hurt feeling. Grrrrr...and why isn't he mad at his parents? If I read it right they told him when he was on break? Why didn't they call him right away and tell him, why did they wait till he was on break??? I would have been mad at them, not my ex whom I haven't spoked to in years. And then he punches him AGAIN! Ok, he has a right to be angry, Garrett was stupid and immature, but it is just a major peeve of mine, the physical violence being ok. It's not. If Garrett had been a woman and everything else the same, people would NOT accept it as ok to punch her?!. ..So that's just my personal issue, totally mine and mine alone. Ignore me and enjoy this contribution to the LHNB event.