Fated - Lexi Ander 4.5*WOW ! Excellent addition to the LHNB picture prompt event.I know that [a:Lexi Ander|6521302|Lexi Ander|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1348158953p2/6521302.jpg] jumped in at the last minute and rescued this picture prompt and not only wrote a second story for the event and with very little time..no she absolutely ROCKED this one.I am not really a fan of historical settings but I am a fan of Lexi and of shifters, so I was on this one right away when it was released.I can not even beginning to describe the details and emotions of this story. Roi is a Seer and knows his destiny and is more than ready to look death in the eye. He knows Ewen will deliver the death blow, but he has been waiting for Ewen all of his life. Death doesn't seem too high a price.But that is not what fate has in store for these two.Oh dear lord, the emotions pouring off of these two. Roi, always alone, shunned and used but proud and capable. Loving a man he has dreamed of his whole life.Ewen, head of his clan, carries many burdens and is afraid to love again.Intrigue, deceit, love, magic, second chances, hope and KILTS! ( yummmm)I heartily recommend you read the short prequel to this story here : http://heartsonfirereviews.com/?p=22519 and I would love Lexi to also write a sequel. I have so much more I need to know.