Corazón - Jenna  Jones 3.65*Another sweet and interesting contribution to the LHNB event.Obie has known Javier and his family for a few years.He considers Javi's parents friends and mentors so it makes Javi's crush on him a little awkward, oh add in the little detail that Javier is a student at the college Obie works at and he is the same field. Yep, no issues to overcome there.Actually, those issues are very very minor, it's more about Obie giving into what he wants and to what Javier has always wanted. Why he gives in now, I'm not sure. Javier was a bit annoying and childish I thought, but being a little spoiled isn't always a bad thing. I do have to say he definite had more to him than I first believed.But he was still impulsive and a little hard to get a handle on, but I guess a short always has the issue of showing all the things I'd like to know.