Triple Jump - Tam Ames Believe it or not, not one but two of my lovely GR friends pointed this story out to me and said : Mandy a ménage and shifter story in one, it's like it was made for you. ( *looks pointedly at Ami and Anke*) Ok, well the ladies do know me, so as soon as I was able to hide away from my children and settle in to read this really good addition to the wonderful LHNB stories, Jeff and Patrick are lovers and very happy with each other but feel like a third would make what they have perfect.They have been looking high and low ( mostly low or so it feels to them) and are about to give up. They run into Taylor and decide he might be the one.Jeff is definitely the driving force in this story, his personality is very vibrant and charming, the other two are nice too, but didn't stick out to me as much as Jeff did.The paranormal / shifter aspect was nice, I like shifters and I like ones that aren't your run-of-the-mill , I thought him being disgruntled about the size of his tail was cute. The paranormal part was very minimal though, so shouldn't stop non-shifter lovers from reading it. Being me, means I always want more, and I would love a more expanded story about these three. What's Jeff's issues with his family? And obviously Taylor has some mommy/brother issues...and well, it would just be nice to see how they continue on together.