An Adventure In Beginnings - Alex Whitehall 4.5*What a great addition to the LHNB stories. So seldom are stories written about more mature MCs. Both George and Tyler are well into middle age, past 50 and have lived a life full of ups and downs already.Tyler lost his wife, whom he loved very much, he has grown children and grandchildren, George served in Vietnam and brought back a bad knee and memories.Tyler, a few years after his Emily's death, on the anniversary of her death to be exact, and after realizing his growing interest in men goes to a LGBT fundraiser.It's there he meets George. I loved how they start so slow, a dinner here and a dinner there, holding hands and then a few kisses.I thought it was all beautifully told. Tyler's guilt, even if he knows he shouldn't be, his children's understanding, and George's patience. As well as Tyler's caring for George and his pain.I loved how they slowly started meeting and melting their family and friends, all very believable and real. A little gem that definitely deserves to be read and enjoyed.