When Karma Comes Knocking... - Jinjur Louis 3.5*This is another story from the wonderful LHNB event.The picture prompt was sexy, it's of a good looking guy, looking very dirty and very mad.It starts out really funny, Ray the narrator is having a bad day, like drops expensive wine in front a bunch of strangers in his apartment, while he's wet, shirtless and dirty, and just to top it all of he breaks his arm. Fun is had by all..not! :)Winston has been crushing on Ray and vice versa, but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen now. See, when Ray came in and dropped all his stuff, Winston laughed at him...Ray was not amused. They do get over that bump in the road and start to get to know each other. I did like Winston's profession and how it was all *weaved into the story. ( *my lame attempt at humor) The story then changes a bit and becomes more serious and darker as we find out more of Winston's past and another woman's situation in the story. The scene near the end with the dad, I'm still not sure about, can't decide if I loved it and finally Ray is what he is always thinking about himself as or not..I was a little surprised that Ray had NO clue who Winston really was? I mean he had his whole name...that seemed a little unlikely, but then so did some of the other stuff, so I just decided to say oh whatever, I'll go with it and just enjoy. There is a lot going on in this short, I found it entertaining and interesting. The end is then sweet and cute and HEA.