Animal Magnetism - Willow Scarlett,  Andrea Speed 3.5*Ok, I'm not gonna get the names of the animals right, but rest assured I googled them while reading this LHNB short and they are definitely strange and unusual looking. Terry is a very shy and geeky guy, and wishes he was a cool animal, since he isn't a cool human, but no he's this weird looking thing.So he does what anyone would do, he goes to a self-help group and joins all the other unusual shifters.He meets the cute Craig there, he is also this weird shifter that again I can't remember, since they are so unusual. I can only remember the lady knitting was a dodo. Anyways they decide to go for a cup of coffee after the meeting and that's when the excitement starts. I would have loved just a little more from these this going to start a crime-fighting trend for them? Are they going back to the meeting? Questions over questions. It's a cute and very short story from the LHNB picture prompts.