Sticking It - Kimber Vale 3.5*I was wondering how an author was going to incorporate this picture prompt into the story and have it make sense.But she did, it really worked and I liked it. Dane decided long ago to live 'in your face' was the best way to actually keep people out of his face, Adam is the opposite.He had a bad experience at his last school and he is not making the same mistake twice.So how are these two very different guys with two very different ways of dealing with things going to make it work? Well, with Dane being very persistent for one and hopefully with Adam deciding its worth the risk.This has a very HFN ending, and anybody who knows me, knows what I'm gonna say....come on..say it with me...I wanted more, just a little.I want to see Adam taking that final step and see him hold his head up and have Dane at his side. And I want to see him cheering for Dane at the Olympics...cause I'm greedy that way.