Silver Ice - Suilan Lee 3.5*Cute LHNB short with a very beautiful prompt picture. Knox is a player, both on the Ice and off, but for some reason Silver has been crushing on him for years.I'm not quite sure why, to be honest, yes he likes how he looks, and Knox seems to be a nice enough guy, if a bit slutty.But if I got it right Silver and Knox don't have much contact with each other before, but whatever, I can go with it. Knox also didn't seem to notice Silver until he acts cool and unimpressed with him, then the chase is on. It's sweet how they finally move it along, although I would have loved it to be a tad longer, I wanted to see what Silver saw in Knox ( besides the obvious) and if Knox might have been observing and wishing for Silver for longer than this shows...what can I say? I'm greedy. :)