Red - Belinda McBride The sexy picture that inspired this story was what made me to decide to read this contribution to the LHNB event.I read the tags and wasn't really going to read it, post apocalyptic setting and some of the other tags weren't my usual reading material, but the picture was very cool and I do try to use these group events to broaden my reading horizon.I don't really want to give much away, but I will say boy am I very glad I read this one. It literally grabbed me after the first paragraph and it got even better after that. The world building in this short was so very good, the author gave just enough to keep me guessing but enough to follow along and not feel lost.The ending is hopeful and I usually hate the way this one ended but somehow it worked for this story and I have a feeling she is going to give us more about these two men. At least I'm really really hoping she will.