Pride of the Veld - L.E.  Franks 3.65*I have a thing for ménage stories. I really really like them and was excited to find another one among the great offerings of LHNB stories.I am going to try and keep it vague and not give away too much.Geo ( heir of a conservatory etc) loves Danie, and has for years, but they only have the summers together and even then only when they are out in the bush. There are a few reasons for that, but I leave that for you to find out when you read it. Along the way they rescue Andrea, a photographer. All in all I'm not sure about him, I'm on the fence about how I feel about how he inserted himself in this relationship and I know I didn't like how it all actually started. I'm not quiet sure about the love triangle, that wasn't explored enough for me. But the action/adventure part of this story was very cool, I liked the showdown and thought it was very well done.The ending is good, in that Geo makes and takes a stand with his grandfather, a man that is very important and pivotal in his life. But I have a feeling the author will continue their story at least I'm hoping, since the ending is uncertain, at least for me.