Desert Rain - Victoria Zagar Sweet friends to lovers story. That ends happily, but not perfectly, which actually seems pretty realistic. I was surprised that Kevin and Nadir lived in the same town for years and Kevin didn't know he was back home? they never ran into each other or saw someone that mentioned Nadir to him? Or the rumor mill didn't wind it's way back to him..But that's no biggie..I was happy that Nadir's mother actually took the news pretty well, my only thought was why don't they move? Kevin doesn't have a job and Nadir doesn't have a great one with a lot of prospects. Add to that Kevin has no family and Nadir only has his mother...I don't see why they have to stay there with the threat of the community hanging over Nadir.I would have loved a small peek at the future, maybe a few years down the road seeing them living and loving somewhere happily.