The Wolfing Way - Susan Laine 2.5*I don't mind insta-love and mating, since it was clear from the blurb, I knew what I was getting.The overuse of the the name 'Honey' a total of 31 times in this rather short story and 'mate' 104 times did get annoying.And the father was only able to speak 'coolly' ! I also found the story rather wordy, I mean a lot of words were used to describe the scene and emotions, it got to the point I was only reading every third word, because it was too much.And the sex- the description of it pulled me out of the story, I didn't find it sexy at all, unfortunately.Here an example Cupping Kris’s ass cheeks, Rafe lifted his lithe mate’s hips into his lap, pointing his rock-hard and dark-hued cock, uncut and thick and dripping creamy precum, against the pink hole waiting for him. Sliding his lubed-up cock into Kris, Rafe let out an animal growl, so deep, honest, and profound that it sent shivers down Kris’s spine. It aroused him to know he was the one creating and provoking this flame of desire in this gorgeous man.More stuff happens in between, but I cut it out ...They fell into a rhythm between Rafe’s push in and Kris’s push back until they were both panting and gasping with the sensual exertion of meeting each other in the most intimate way. Soon the tempo became scorching and frenzied, broken by the need to find release as it overcame their smooth mutual cadence. Rafe’s cock was pulsating and vibrating inside Kris’s rippling and undulating channel, grappling the invading, swiveling member with a ferocious, primal hold.I was also surprised at Rafe, he was either wanting to yell or cry it seemed like and at first he wanted nothing more than to make Kris his mate.yet..after the Wolfe girl incident, which I didn't get, since they were so rich and had all that security , he was going to push him away to keep him safe? Huh? After threatening to rip out Iz's throat for questioning if he could keep him safe? ETA I did want to say I liked the idea of how the unseen world was revealed, the 'Lifting of the Veil' original idea and explanation .