Sands of Thyme (Love is Always Write) - E.M. Lynley Cute story and I really liked Burke, his insecurities and feeling out of his depth at the resort. Now Staff, um..he is stealing another chefs recipe in a very backhanded and disgusting way, I mean watching her sunbathing topless with binoculars to see what she is writing, it's just wrong on so many levels.And to be honest I was a bit disappointed that Burke didn't call him out on his thievery. And lying about the condoms wasn't so bad, but it would have just been better to say, I'm not ready for that, it would have gone a long way to show me he isn't a liar in all aspects of his life. And why not tell Burke where he was from, when he asked, it seemed really weird, like he didn't want to get to personal, yet he knew where Burke was from and seemed to want something deeper, but says pointblank, I don't want to tell you anything personal about me, it just reinforced his not being an honest person for me. So, I would have liked it better if Staff really was a birdwatcher, that's for sure.