A Tale of Two Trucks - Thea Nishimori I really liked the beginning of this story, the slow build up, the friendship that develops between Mike and Joe.Both men have serious issues, Mike is alone in the world, no family and the man he loved cheated on him and gave him a bad rep.Joe, poor Joe, his young daughter died of SIDS and his wife left him. He's got buddies but judging by the way he latches onto a friendship with Mike he felt very alone too.Then came the dating issue, where Joe is set up on a date with a woman and dear heavens Mike gives a whole new meaning to the words ' drama queen'. he literally decides Joe needs a wife and family to be happy, but since he can't give him that and he can't bear to see it happen , he is going to kill himself...he plans how, where and all the prep. He makes a list for goodness sake. He's mid 30's and he's going to kill himself b/c his crush went on a date and might eventually settle down with a woman...ack...too much for me.After that they settle surprisingly well and quickly into a relationship. I wasn't sure if this was meant to be a little spoofy or like a parody at times, or if it was just my take. Mike and Joe came off a little bit stereotypical.No homophobes, no evil jealous women, no harpy mothers, just a little crying , a few fainting spells and some really funny euphemism during sex. “Mini Me was very much on the same page as Joe’s Big Daddy.” Or my favorite :“Oh, yeah! Mike, c’mon, don’t tease me!” he groaned, as I pointed his Lightning Rod straight up at my Tunnel of Love.”It's actually a short, sweet light read, a little 'snack' between longer or more serious stories.