The "L" Bomb - Phoenix Emrys Pre-ordered with the 35% discount Popupsale ! Note to anyone-someone: remind Mandy to download on September 4thNote to DSP: an email to remind me would be awesomesauce. Simsy reminded me. Thank you. :)Umm...I'm not sure if I like it or not. I know I don't like Gil, so maybe that is what is keeping me from really enjoying this story. It's not that he was a player or anything like that, it's his 'voice'. It's funny in small doses but the whole story is told from Gil's POV and it annoyed me after a few pages. He's so melodramatic and OTT in his thinking that I just wished he would be serious and think in a normal way for a little bit. I think his constant need to pull everything into the ridiculous and silly made it hard for me to really appreciate the pain and fear he was actually feeling. “All right, now he was romanticizing his former lover’s foot odor. Ain’t love grand?”Was actually one of the better thoughts and had me actually feeling for him, but most were like this one:“Every square inch of its recently redecorated interior was lousy with a distinctly Devonesque aftertaste, like Essence of His Former Lover had oozed into every crack of his domestic space, sorta smearing Dev all over everywhere.”Devon, poor thing, I liked him and felt for him but he needs lessons in just getting out what he wants to say...This story only covers about a day..and although on the one hand I would have liked to have seen a little of the 'before', gotten a little more of a feel for Devon..but I don't think I could have handled a longer story in this 'voice'. Others might like Gil much better and it will work for them.