Be My Alien - M.A. Church, Julie Lynn Hayes 3.5*Taz, an alien with some cat-likeness, but mostly when he's horny. Now poor Taz, was sort of used and tricked into a visit to earth and then promptly dumped.Stranded with no money, no clothes, no idea what to do, fate helps him out when he literally falls into and onto Reed.Reed and Taz are immensity attracted to each other and barely manage a meal before they make it to bed. Of course being turned on brings out the kitten in Taz, remember? So..Reed needs to decide if the stripes and a little bit of a tail is going to stop him from having Taz.There is some dramarama and a cute ending.This was a quick, and sex filled cute Short story. I'd like to know how things continue for them and if evil asshat Vorlord (I kept thinking of him as Voldemort) gets his comeuppance but the guy on the cover is too blond for how I pictured Taz from his description.