The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke Anke and I are going to buddy read this one. ( her with an ebook and I'm going to read *gasp* the paperback) Anyone who would like to join us is more than welcome. :)Ok, we have a whole gang reading this one..just come over and join in. Here's the link to the BR thread. very much enjoyed this author's [b:Inspiration|16200098|Inspiration|Henrietta Clarke||22137648] so when I met her at the UKMeet and saw she had a new story out I actually bought the paperback. *cue feeling nostalgic* I really enjoyed this story. It was unique and different than most of the stories out there, as in the whole relationship develops over the phone and a rare email.Riley was a typical good looking fun loving young man until a fire scared him three years ago.He has withdrawn a lot and is so very lonely. He had some friends and he has a great family and of course an adorable pooch but he misses the touch and the love of another person. Cameron is lonely too, although I think it takes him a while to realize it. He had a boyfriend for a few years, but now without him and looking at his life a little differently he sees that he is actually pretty much alone too. Oh he has co-workers, but no family and no love.I know that some people found the long drawn out telephone conversations and Riley's refusal to meet Cam in person tedious, but I didn't. Not at all, although I can see how some people would feel that way.It helped me see why Cam was willing to wait and have such patience with Riley and his hang-ups and fears, even when Cam had no idea what Riley's reasons for not giving him more were.I loved how they talked about everyday, mundane and even boring things, they got to know each other without all the pressure on Riley about his scars and it gave them both a friend, I think they needed that even more than a lover.The calls were the highlight of their day and they came to rely on them.I understood Riley's fears of losing Cam if he finally gives in and meets him, or that Cam would look at him differently and maybe only pity him, so I wasn't impatient with Riley at all and I loved how Cam, even in his frustration, was willing to give Riley all the time he needed.Riley sees himself in a far harsher light than those around him, he sees himself as a monster and unworthy or undeserving of love, and I appreciated Cam taking the time and making the effort to try and change that perception, and all of that on the phone, with only words.I have to say, I melted into a pile of Mandy-goo at the scene in the movie theater. *sniffs and pats eyes dry* So sweet and touching and I felt so sad and so happy for both of them at that point, but it was also there that I just knew it was all going to be alright.Now as much as this story was about Riley overcoming his demons, I wasn't convinced he did, oh, he made progress and the last lines in the book totally made me believe he was right where he needs to be to really get on with his life, but it was Cameron that I felt really really changed, matured and developed as a man. Finally seeing that his work and that he himself is not the most important thing, and to put someone else's well being and happiness first and his decision to learn from his mistakes with Chris. I loved seeing Cam like that and I was so glad he got his birthday wish. He deserved it. The ending...well, can't say I loved it, I mean I did love the scene, but not that it ended there, but again, it left me confidant and hopeful. I will read the next one. ( if I remember that is, someone feel free to poke me and tell me when it's out). The supporting characters like Drew and Riley's mother great and I would love Drew to get his man in the sequel. The author also put in a few little nods to the m/m genre that made me smile. I have a dog named Bella too, but the story of how she got her name wasn't as cute as Riley's ( I am also a huge fan of that book) and the little nod to other authors like Augusta Li ( I got to meet her Manchester) added a little bit of that 'extra' for me.