Three Part Harmony - Tielle St. Clare 3.5*The author IMO included everything the prompter asked for and delivered a very sexy story.Now, I know my friends will be shocked, but I love ménage stories! Keep it together people, it was bound to come out some time. So, when Vio saw this LHNB release she recommended it to me in seconds...seconds I tell you. The picture is beautiful, I liked it because despite being naked and close to each other, it isn't really sexual. But it is has a feel of friendship and familiarity. Mick and Devon have been band mates for years, recently adding Crimson into the mix. Now there is a sort of triangle and unrequited love thing going...Sex clears the air so to speak. I would have loved a longer story ( why does it feel like I am always saying that?) But for a short it pulled off what was asked for and delivered a smexy short.