Three's a Charm - C.R. Guiliano A beautiful picture prompt for the LHNB event and *drum roll* it's a ménage story. This might come as a surprise, but I love love love m/m/m stories. Here we have Yuu, a blackbelt and sort of the leader of this trio. Akira, he seems to be the middle, he sees that something's wrong, but can't seem to find out what. He is growing distrustful and resentful. Then there is Joji, he seemed like the 'baby'. He never really said anything in this short and was the smallest and the most cared for.All in all a sweet story, there was a misunderstanding and I kept thinking it could have been cleared up easier and quicker. The names were also repeated often in this short, although I realize it's hard with three MCs to make it clear who's who.