One More Dance - Nicole Dennis 3.5*When I saw this picture prompt I first thought *wow! That is amazing* then I thought *ouch, it hurts just to think about getting my body to consider that*.Dancers have a huge amount of discipline and passion (I admire them so much, alas I suck rocks at more than just looking longingly at their ability) and Jerome is no different. Everett brings the same passion to his career as a soldier and that's how they ended up apart. I did have a little bit of an issue of them having absolutely no contact in all those years, they were together for 3 years, and I understood not wanting to out Everett and Everett needing to concentrate on his own healing before contacting Jerome, but an email or letter just once in a while. I would have easier accepted the rushed 'living together and marriage proposal if they had at least stayed in loose contact and longing... Their reunion was sweet and I loved Charlie, the toe licking pup, it really is a romantic and satisfying ending..or i guess more of a beginning for them.ETA:It's not a big deal at all, but one small little point I'd like to make, Everett I'm sure was flown to Ramstein, Germany as that's the largest Airbase in the area, but he wasn't treated there as mentioned in the story, he would have been treated at LARMC which is in Landstuhl, Germany just about 10 minutes away from Ramstein but the largest military hospital outside of the US. I know this because I am there regularly and my mother worked there.