Professor Wolfenstein's Lycan Lust - Brandy Corvin An interesting take on werewolves, I guess. I found it more of a silly entertaining read, because it was so ridiculous. Here is a quote of what our dear little human is thinking while he is blowing a 'furry cock': “I didn't know how ferocious werewolves could be, but for the Professor, the feeling of pleasure surging from his dick to the rest of his body was probably more than enough to take his mind off his feral urges to tear me apart. I was obviously putting my all into this.”It gets better when the werewolf professor finally takes him on a lab table: “I liked getting fucked by werewolves, and that I was probably a masochist too. Amazing.”It was free, so I guess that's something, if it was meant as a OTT ridiculous parody of a shifter story, then I guess it hit the mark.