The Long Return - Jessica Freely I have to say, what a gorgeous and mesmerizing picture. I was staring at this young man's face for a long time, his expression is so riveting, I had trouble looking away. 3.65*I might have mentioned that this is a great picture and another sweet contribution to the LHNB event.Trevor and Shane were friends and lovers, but Shane being young and wanting the best for Trevor leaves him.No goodbye no anything, now years later he's back. Why? Where has he been? Why did he leave? Where do they go from here? I enjoyed the tie-in to the LGBT youth center but I would have loved to have seen the time before Shane left, the boys they were, I really wish I could have seen the years they were apart, what was Shane thinking? How was he keeping tabs on Trevor? The feelings they each had and suffered though alone...and of course a little more after the ending...I'm just greedy that way.