Renzo's Redemption (The Unwanted, Pt. 5) - Westbrooke Jameson Renzo is the last in this bunch of 'misfits' to find his match.He works for an 'escort service' to support his mother and sisters, unfortunately they don't appreciate what he does for them, they ridicule him and call him names.But having a good heart and feeling responsible for his family he still tricks to keep them fed and cared for, despite being made to feel horrible about himself. Renzo is bi-sexual. He loves girls and boys equally so when he walks into where his friends are now living with their aliens and sees a sexy young woman he's more than happy to flirt.To say he is shocked by the turn of events after that might be an understatement.He soon learns about the Nars and their bonding, although again Alimund fails to share all details. Renzo's bond mate is Isabel. She, like Renzo, was so loyal to her family, she left her planet to accompany her brother Joss to earth. The change Isabel goes through wasn't really surprising, after reading the others in this series, I was surprised that that was all that changed.I was a little conflicted on the way his family situation was resolved, it had a little bit of good news and a conciliatory gesture but I wasn't really happy with how it was resolved between them.