Ambrosia's Worth (The Unwanted, Pt. 4) - Westbrooke Jameson 3.5*Ambrosia is a tough cookie, she's had to be. She's prickly and can get her bitch on when she needs to.When her match Theo, sees her and promptly turns tail and runs she knew that the fairytale that the others found with their alien matches wasn't what she going to get. A HEA wasn't in her future. Ambrosia is a very interesting character, she likes who she is, she likes what she looks like, she doesn't quite know how to label herself or why she should even have to. But she has been let down often enough to have pretty much lost all hope.“So if she didn’t know what she was, why would she believe there’d be anyone out there who’d want her the way she was?”I felt bad for her after Theo ran, she was so sad and resigned, but I liked that she wasn't going to wallow, she was going to get on with her life and make something happen.Of course we know these matches are perfect and that Theo wouldn't be able to stay away. I understood Theo being upset when he first saw Ambrosia, he explained what had caused his initial reaction.This one had a little more dirty talking and a tiny bit of kink going on and I enjoyed seeing Ambrosia getting her happy ending.We don't learn anything more or new about the Narsoreal though, so that left me wanting a little.