Joel's Protection (The Unwanted, Pt. 3) - Westbrooke Jameson This third installment is all about the 'baby' of the family, the one they want to keep as sheltered and innocent as possible. The problem with that is Joel's 18 years old and not all that interested in staying innocent. He's got a voyeristic kink going and he really wants his own Prince Charming. Thanks to Ailmund, the bond matcher he gets one. Odard is a different kind of Nars than the ones we have met so far. He has a different build and isn't quite like the others. I'm not telling, you will just have to read it.This one was cute, but even more insta love than the others, although I can see why Joel would fall so quickly. I think he really is a little bit of a 'princess' and just wants to find love and someone to care for him.I was hoping to find out a little more about the aliens in this one and that didn't happen, and the pet names that each story has going got a little too much for me in this one, but it was still a quick sexy read.