Derek's Bliss (The Unwanted, Pt. 2) - Westbrooke Jameson 3.45*This is the second book in the series and is about Derek, he is dying of VIS, an autoimmune disease. There are treatments, but only the very rich can afford that and Derek and his 'family' of society's unwanted can't even dream of being able to spring for any kind of medicine.Derek is a caretaker at heart, he finds and 'adopts' the ones that need help. In this short we find out how Joel and Ambrosia joined him and it's touching to see that yes, while he doesn't want to die, one of the main reasons for that is he doesn't want to leave those he cares for alone. He fears what will happen to them when he's gone.Shannon gets Alimund to search for Derek's bond mate in the hopes of saving his life.It's a little like ' The Bachelor' sci-fi style. Joss ends up being the perfect match for Derek, considering the precarious state of his health they bond very quickly. I would have loved a little more time with them together, but as each of these shorts is more like another chapter in the story of the bond mates finding each other I'll just run on to the next to find out more.Oh and these 'wishes' are really cute, I love seeing how each one manifests.