Storm Season (Olympic Cove, #1) - Nicola Cameron 4.5* It's no secret I love ménage stories and fated mates is also something I like to read about, add in demigods, merfolk, Greek mythology, redheaded twins, an evil god bent on destroying the world, well that is something that I am gonna jump right on. Ian, still mourning his wife and in need of a change of scenery to write his novel.He goes to the beach house that belongs to his family and where he spent every summer growing up.But things have changed a lot since he was there last. There are some mysterious and dangerous things at work. Bythos and Aphos are twin sea centaurs, demigods and they watch over sea life and the health of the waters.They have also been waiting for many many years for their 'agapetos' their mate, beloved, the one fate has decreed for them. They have watched him and waited and now Ian is finally there again and they aren't going to let him get away. I am a sucker for paranormal stories and this one has a very interesting Greek mythology twist and a very real tie in to the BP oil spill, it's got a lot going on, I'm not even sure how to categorize it. But I do know I loved it, it's a long story but once I started I couldn't put it down.The dynamics between the three men is very interesting and fluctuates and changes throughout the story. The redheaded twins really want to make their human mate happy, spoil and treasure him, but being demigods means that normal relationship rules don't always apply. By and Aph are trying to stop an evil Being that is hunting humans and sea creatures alike and they are also working on a way to negate all the damage of the oil spill. They have secrets they can't tell Ian about and Ian doesn't always handle that well.He is feeling guilty about moving on after losing his wife Diana, he's trying to write his sci-fi thriller and keep up with two sexy brothers, as you can imagine that's a lot for Ian. But there is a lot more to Ian than even he knows. I don't want to give any more away, because part of the fun was finding out who was who or who was what, and what was going to happen next. There is intrigue and hidden agendas, jealousy and breaking of trust, a few surprises and well, it's a ride and I was sad when I had to get off. A few things I want to point out, although this is a ménage and with twin brothers there is no actual brocest, they don't have sex or even kiss each other and it ends with a HFN but since it's the first in a series there are unresolved issues and I can't wait to read the next one.