La Cala - N. Wood Lance is a firefighter from Glasgow and taking his first real vacation in six years.He has chosen the island of Ibiza and a very gay friendly hotel. He is planning on making the most of his week off.No tan lines and lots of sex, that should be doable.Lance does his research and knows which clubs he wants to go to, his first night at one with a pajama motto he literally runs into the sexy irish stud Malachy and they really hit it off. In the beginning Lance came across as carefree and a bit shallow, but meeting Malachy and the feelings he starts to develop for him shows a different side of him. There is hot smexing and they share all their time on the island together, sightseeing and growing closer. The island feel and the newness and excitement of a vacation fling comes through clearly in this short story. They spend a wonderful week together but managed to avoid discussing a future together during their time and are both very sad to see it end and having to go their separate ways.Of course the story can't end there, life has a way of being full of surprises and of being very unpredictable. During the course of this story I got to know Lance, he is the narrator and I was in his head and heart the whole time, which makes reviewing this without giving away too much very difficult, all I can say is that the author managed to turn a sweet and sexy vacation love story into a deeply emotional, heart wrenching and touching tale in just a few pages.Do I wish it could have been different for them ? Yes, I very much wished for that. Am I sorry I read it? No, I'm not, Lance and Malachy will stay with me for a long while to come.