I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore - Jet Mykles
One of my first forays into the world of m/m was a Jet Myklesbook. I've had a soft spot for her books and characters ever since.

This has the cute feel because Dustin's sister writes m/m romance and takes him to a party and Bryce the sweet-and-everybody-loves-him-cutie works part time for her publisher. 
The opening scene at the bar felt like it might have been inspired by a real event.
Bryce is 22 and still up in the air about where his life is going, he works 2 jobs and models a little to make ends meet, but he isn't really driven to do more at the moment.
While at a party with the authors and publisher he meets Dustin. They are both instantly attracted and smitten. With some encouragement from the ladies, they have a great night together.

I loved Bryce, he's cute and he knows it, and he uses it to his advantage. I also found him in some respects more mature than the 'older and wiser' Dustin.
Dustin is very hung up on their 8 year age difference. Despite seeing how Bryce is with him, with his family, his dog and in his home he has him pegged for a 'party boy' and has written off what any chance of a future together. 
I was pretty irritated with Dustin a majority of this book. He has sex with Bryce at every opportunity but he doesn't really open the door for more. Even the situation with Hyde, I thought Bryce was great about that! I wondered if the shoe had been on the other foot, if Dustin would have even listened to an explanation?
Bryce makes a lot of changes and takes a lot of chances. He puts the effort into the relationship, but although Dustin really does have feelings for Bryce he won't take the chance.
I so felt for Bryce, trying so hard and hoping so much : 
“Dusty liked him, he knew that. Dusty loved fucking him, he could tell. But, really, what more was he to Dusty? What more could he be?

It all works out of course, but me being me, I really wanted Dustin to make an effort, grovel a bit, give a little.
It's still a very sweet story with a nice slow development between the men, lots of hot sex, a dog, some positive female characters and and two ex best friends that are obviously better as ex than friends. 
I enjoyed it and read it right through and if you feel like a sweet, sexy, angst free story, this is a good choice.