My Only Sunshine - Rowan McAllister
I was supposed to BR this with Vio, but I have a feeling she is gonna leave me hanging. :(
Don't listen to Vio, she totally left me hanging with this BR! *sigh* 


This book starts pretty dramatically, Tanner is hurt and alone and lost. He stumbles upon a horrible scene and is found there by Mason.

Poor Mason, talk about drawing the short stick. His dad hates him, really hates him and kicked him out for being gay a decade ago, but his sister asks him to come back to help with the ranch and their dad, so he does.
I have to say, the dad had no redeeming qualities, we are told numerous times that he does, since his daughter and a very sympathetic older couple on the ranch care for him, but I nevernever saw any. None.

Also the sister, sorry, despite whatever she managed to turn around at the end, didn't like her. At all.

Now, despite it's start the story is actually pretty 'quiet' no real conflict or drama. There were possibilities, like Mason needing to keep their relationship secret, or Tanner's past catching up with him, I thought Tanner's nightmares and PTSD a and insecurities interesting and wished they had been explored more, but none of it really pans out as a conflict or angst.
I liked both of these guys, they are good, normal men doing the best they can with what they have been dealt.
It was an easy read and interesting enough that I read it straight through.