Dark Horse  - Kate Sherwood

I am a huge fan of ménage stories ( I know, that just shocked the socks off of you all). 
But this book and the whole series wasn't really what I was expecting. Each book is told from different POVs, even Justin's in the short Sometimes You Just Know. You get a well rounded feel for all of them and are able to see the big picture, even if Dan is definitely the main focus of all the stories.
I have to say I read them all in one go. I started with this one and went through them all and what started out promising went down hill a bit for me. But I will talk about that in the other books.
This one was very very emotional, touching, sad. It ended on a hopeful note, but it put me though the ringer first. 
I did get a whole new appreciation for riding and horses. And I can say that this series doesn't skim over or make the development and dealings of a ménage relationship look easy. 
It shows throughout all the books the difficulties, jealousies, resentment and compromise needed. 
This was probably the best representation of those issues I've read in any ménage stories( not so much in this one, since it's more of a set up book for the three men).