Dan and Evan go on a date

On Deck - Kate Sherwood

Dan suggested he and Evan 'date' and Evan takes him up on it and he takes Dan somewhere that's very special to him.

Evan is a bit of the 'wild card' in these books IMO. He can be wonderful, generous, loving and caring. But he also can irritate the crap out of me and in one book made me so mad, I haven't really forgiven him, but in this book he and Dan go on their much needed date.
Jeff seems to always have to play peace keeper and glue to make this ménage work , so I was very happy to see Dan and Evan go it alone and enjoy their time and see what they feel for each other works even without Jeff.
It's very short and it's really just a little snippet for in between, but if you read the longer novels, this one is definitely worth reading.