A modern fairytale

Knights and Butterscotch - Faith Ashlin

I saw this book at ARe on sale and the blurb sounded good and I decided to give it a go.
This is a new to me author but after reading this book, I'm sure to keep a look out for more of her books.

The blurb is pretty good in setting it up, this is set in what feels like a very modern/current time and place, yet it has throw backs to times past, kings and knights.
It gave the story a modern fairytale feel. 
Matti is a knight with all that he is, it defines him, he loves his King, his country and his comrades. While at a wedding reception he meets Jaime. Jamie is an artist through and through, it's all he's ever wanted. This meeting is life changing for both of them. They have an instant and complete connection. They are drawn to each other and the lust is overwhelming.
The first half is definite instant lust and lots of sex.
Then it's still a lot of sex, but it becomes more and then their lives change again, the war rages on, people die and they really become everything to each other.
If you don't mind lightening bolt attraction, secrets, lots of sex and an actually pretty sweet love story all wrapped up in a fairytale bow, the this one might be a good one for you.