Out of the Darkness - Kate Sherwood

Ok, one of the things I love most about this series, is the same thing that frustrates me. I have read a lot ( and I do mean a lot) of ménage stories, you could even say, I have a thing for them. This series really does go into the difficulties that having three people in a relationship. They all have issues, quirks and problems. They have fallen into roles in the relationship.
Evan and Dan have the most trouble, with each other and I think with themselves. And I that's what I mean, I like that it isn't easy, I like that it's hard work, takes and effort and is frustrating and for every step forward it sometimes feels like it's two steps back. But that's also what was hard about these books, I just wanted them to finally 'get it'. But although each story brings them closer, they aren't anywhere near where they need to be yet. 
I don't mind Evan's jealousy so much, it's more his controlling nature and his 'punishing' the others when he doesn't get his way. He is generous to a fault, but it feels like you can't really trust his generosity. ( more about that later in my review of Of Dark and Bright).
Jeff, the peacemaker and the 'adult', Dan, is like a skittish horse, he wants to trust what he has with Evan and Jeff, but things happen that make him feel left out or an add on. He doesn't feel trusted and he has trouble trusting, but he knows, deep down that this is good, that this is what he wants.
Chris is as usual a nice comic relief and a bit of calm in the storm, which is Dan.
I would have loved to end this book feeling a bit more secure about there relationship. I don't doubt their love, but they do have a lot of disharmony and upset going on and at times I agree with Dan..is this worth it? Is it going to work?


Oh and I have to add, for fans of horses and riding, this is a great series. It's definitely a major part of all the books.